Recently, we have seen increased demand in our hypnosis center and among our therapists for the topic of stress management in the workplace.

There is a lot of external stimuli that people are exposed to and after two years of predominantly working from home, accompanied by little social contact and a general feeling of powerlessness, many employees and employers are running on empty.

This can be seen in lower stress tolerance, increased sickness absence and general exhaustion.

Whereas it used to be possible to cope with stress in the past, there is currently little that can be done to manage stress when workloads are high. Very few companies are likely to send their employees to mediation or mindfulness training several times a day. This is where the question arises for many OMNI Academy course participants :

Is hypnosis effective in the workplace?

In short: yes! Hypnosis is used in a variety of ways to treat and eliminate a wide range of symptoms, from addiction problems to anxiety disorders and trauma – so why shouldn’t it be able to be used for relatively “simple” stress management?

With appropriate training, working conditions can be improved in the long term so that the company runs better again in the future and all employees feel better mentally and physically. Because, as is generally known: Stress makes people ill. And who can afford to be constantly off sick?

Self-hypnosis for employees

In the past, we have used self-hypnosis very successfully for this purpose. We train team leaders and employees to use this tool to create islands of relaxation during stressful everyday life. Watch Hansruedi Wipf’s new video to find out more.

No one benefits if employees are falling apart by the dozen, sick notes are piling up or dissatisfaction is spreading among the workforce. Of course, it would be an exaggeration to claim that self-hypnosis would solve all problems in one fell swoop. Nevertheless, employees can benefit greatly from learning this extremely useful skill.

If this article has piqued your interest, you are welcome to join our OMNI Online Academy and benefit from the self-hypnosis audios in our free member area and try out our “Try before you Buy” program . You can easily find out whether hypnosis is for you and become part of our growing number of trainees.

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