The Swiss national team performs impressively at the Ice Hockey World Championship.

The Swiss national team performed outstandingly at the Ice Hockey World Championships and deservedly secured the silver medal. The Swiss players fought with heart and soul in the thrilling final against the Czech Republic until the very last second.

Physical and mental strength: the ice comrades’ success factors

The ice comrades gave their all not only physically but also mentally. Thanks in part to intensive mental training and sports hypnosis, the players were able to use their emotions positively and demonstrate incredible strength on the ice.

Adrian Brüngger and OMNI HypnoSport®: part of the success story

Our CEO, Adrian BrĂĽngger, contributed to the team’s success story. Sometimes, the principles of OMNI HypnoSport®have made it possible to stay focused and determined at crucial moments. We thank the team for their trust and are delighted to have been part of this impressive journey.

A combination of hard work and team spirit leads to success.

Of course, hypnosis can only be a part of the whole, so we need to emphasize that the combination of hard work, strategic training, and the players’ unwavering team spirit made this success possible.

The last five percent: the difference in elite sport

The last five percent always make the difference in top-class sports. Giants meet in such tournaments. In this case, the Czech Republic had more luck or was more robust. But that in no way diminishes the impressive performance of the Swiss team.

Impressive performance by the Swiss team

“Silver won, not gold lost” perfectly describes the pride and recognition that this team deserves. Their determination, fighting spirit, and impressive level of play – but also their warm openness and lack of shyness in showing their emotions – are a shining example of sporting success and greatness.

Winner of the Swiss hearts

In any case, the Swiss national team is likely to win the hearts of the Swiss. Switzerland can be incredibly proud of this team and its achievements.

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