Hypnosis is an incredible tool that can be used to help people in many different ways. From overcoming fears and phobias to improving performance at work or in sport – there are endless possibilities of what hypnosis can do for patients and clients.
Hypnosis is used in many medical practices, clinics and other therapeutic facilities as an effective method for treating various problems and issues. But medical laypeople also want to learn more about hypnosis and learn how to use the tool in everyday life. As professions in the healthcare sector in particular are suffering from a shortage of time and staff, the question arises as to whether it is possible to complete training in hypnosis online.

Hansruedi Wipf, owner and president of OMNI Hypnosis, has published a video about this on YouTube. You can watch the video here.

Learning hypnosis online is possible regardless of time and place!

Until recently, hypnosis training – including OMNI hypnosis training – could only be completed in person. Although time off for further training can be accommodated in normal day-to-day practice or hospital work, everyone is happy if the absence times for additional training are not too long .

For OMNI Hypnosis, the coronavirus pandemic and the associated restrictions meant that the digital implementation of the training was much faster than originally planned. The demand for solid hypnosis training was unbroken, but face-to-face events were not possible.

So a solution was developed and implemented, the OMNI Hypnosis Academy and the OMNI app were developed and all content was designed in such a way that the first two training levels OMNI Hypnotist and OMNI Hypnosis Coach can be completed online in German-speaking countries.

Only the 3rd and final part of the hypnosis training is compulsory in the DACH region as a face-to-face event.

The aim of OMNI Hypnosis was and is to consistently reflect the quality of the training in the digital version and to create spaces in which interaction and exchange can take place. This enables OMNI graduates to complete parts of their hypnosis training online without compromising the quality of the training.

Good news for all those who would like to complete the hypnosis training course independent of time and location. OMNI Hypnosis offers trial access to the online Academy. The first six lessons of the first module “OMNI Hypnotist” are available free of charge.

This allows interested parties to get an idea of what it is like to learn digitally and independently.

What makes a good online hypnosis training course?

A solid training in hypnosis has a clear and comprehensible structure and provides the framework for independent learning. For example, OMNI Hypnosis training is ISO 9001 certified, all training documents follow the same pattern and are available to all graduates at all times.

The therapy process itself is also ISO 9001 certified and provides a reliable, safe structure that is used by OMNI therapists worldwide.

Likewise, the trainers or instructors of hypnosis training that is completed online must be didactically trained and they must understand how to convey the important content of the training digitally and emphatically. Online hypnosis training is not frontal teaching either, but depends on interaction with the graduates.

In a good online hypnosis training program, graduates have the feeling of being addressed, inspired and motivated – while they learn and continue their education. After and during the training, there are contact persons for questions, training opportunities, contact with other graduates and the possibility of supervision.

These important points are the standard for all OMNI Hypnosis training and further education courses that can be completed online .

For the (future) OMNIs, this means that it is possible to lead a large team, manage a practice, work in everyday clinical practice and at the same time, at their own pace and as time and daily challenges allow, complete training that makes many things easier in the long term and offers support to many people.

Summary: In our opinion, the answer to the question of whether you can complete hypnosis training online is a definite YES! You can learn hypnosis online. If the training institute understands digital teaching and learning and the quality of training can also be maintained digitally.

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