Childhood and adolescence are challenging times for our offspring. It is often not so easy to assert oneself in the world, a lot is demanded at school, even in kindergarten and pre-school, and the world is fast and loud. Even young and adolescent people sometimes have to deal with exam pressure, stressful situations and, unfortunately, bullying or bossing.

So it’s no wonder that parents and educators try to support their children well on their journey into adulthood. Teachers in particular are often faced with the challenge of large classes, a variety of individual children and therefore individual problems and needs.

Hypnosis may be a suitable tool here – if the kids or teens decide for themselves and want to discover hypnosis for themselves. You can also find a video on YouTube.

Respect boundaries

First of all: if the kids are not keen on hypnosis or a hypnotherapy session, there’s nothing you can do about it. Rather, it would be irresponsible to force children to undergo “treatment”.

If a therapist oversteps the mark here, parents need to get away quickly! And even in a different setting, the children’s right to simply say “no” without giving reasons must always be respected. That is right and important.

However, there are countless children and teens who are happy to be supported with hypnosis, who use self-hypnosis and benefit greatly from people who stand by them on the small and big hurdles.

How we help to strengthen our children mentally

At OMNI we have developed the HypnoKids® method for kids and teens – Barbara Scholl is the international ambassador in this field, gives keynotes and lectures on various continents and trains people in this – particularly important – topic.

In order to work well and effectively with kids and teens, therapists, educators and adult life coaches need sensitivity and sound knowledge – and an idea of what life feels like for little people in our world.

The explanations of what happens during hypnosis must already be suitably prepared for children in the preliminary talk. We have packed all this and much more into the HypnoKids® training course !

We hear from schools, hospitals, clinics and families how beneficial the HypnoKids® sessions are.

So yes: provided the child says YES, hypnotherapy can be started at an early age. But be careful: the intention to adapt a person or change them according to your own ideas will go wrong. A good therapist always acts in the best interests of the child!

That can mean: Parents may also consider hypnosis as a helpful support.

The perfect training for hypnotherapists

HypnoKids® can be used well in practice. For hypnotherapists, this further training is a great addition to their portfolio. The ability to work with kids and teens is in high demand.

You can find the training in the OMNI Hypnosis Academy. The online lessons will be activated in the member area immediately after purchase.

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