The Leipzig Book Fair, a beacon of knowledge, education, and learning, is significant in Europe’s cultural history. Originating from the birthplace of the printing press in the 15th century, Leipzig stands as one of the oldest trade fairs, a testament to the enduring power of literature and learning.

283,000 interested visitors took the opportunity to learn about new topics in science and society at the Leipzig Book Fair 2024.

OMNI Hypnosis INTERNATIONAL: Unveiling the “OMNI Story”

Hence, the internationally acclaimed educational institute, OMNI Hypnosis INTERNATIONAL, showcased a preview of its new book, “The OMNI Story,” at the opportune moment.

Hypnosis at the Book Fair: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

Many fair attendees took the opportunity to learn about the effects of hypnotherapy firsthand. The current scientific studies conducted by OMNI in collaboration with the University of Zurich regarding the efficacy of hypnotherapy generated significant interest.

Adrian Brüngger and the world of hypnosis

Adrian Brüngger, a distinguished sports coach, sports hypnotist, and a vital member of the OMNI management team, was a beacon of engagement at the fair. His wealth of knowledge and expertise in hypnosis left a lasting impression on the attendees, inspiring many to delve deeper into the world of hypnotherapy.

Zachi Noy: Encounter with a legendary actor

His most notable visitor was the legendary German-Israeli actor Zachi Noy. Presenting his new autobiography, “Ich hasse Eis am Stil,” at the fair, Zachi Noy, after an intense consultation with Adrian, is contemplating hypnotherapy for smoking cessation. We eagerly await the outcome.

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