“Heile, heile, Segen”… Who doesn’t know the German children’s verse that parents lovingly sing to their child when their knee is scraped, a wasp sting burns their foot, a bump on their forehead glows. And then the pain is simply blown away – “now it doesn’t hurt any more”. Parents are often unaware that they are already intuitively using waking hypnosis with their child.

In waking hypnosis, hypnotic effects are induced in the child’s actual waking state, which are accepted and implemented by the child. This also means that it really “no longer hurts” the child. Children go through a groundbreaking formative process up to the age of around 12. As they only gradually learn to filter and categorize what is said and experienced during this period, they are still gullible and often live in their “own world”, where the sleep-robbing monster hides under the bed, the fabulous tooth fairy rewards unusual baby teeth and dolls or cuddly toys take part in everyday life. This imprinting phase is also decisive for whether a child feels safe, loved and valuable. “It is extremely important not to leave this time window of fundamental imprinting to chance, but to use it to consciously and sustainably strengthen the child’s inner navigation system so that the child can later realize its full potential,” says Barbara Scholl, OMNI Hypnosis and HypnoKids® instructor.

Careless words can lead to limiting beliefs

The child’s navigation system is mapped out along groundbreaking positive and negative beliefs. “Girls can’t play football – my client, who is now 14, was constantly banned from the playing field in her neighborhood by boys of the same age when she was 6. The unusual talent and unbridled passion of the young Swiss ice hockey athlete is so impressive that she is one of the few girls to play in a boys’ team. But self-confidence is often lacking at crucial moments. Time and again, she passes the puck to a boy instead of shooting at the goal herself,” explains the child hypnosis expert. “As parents, we should be aware of how important it is to pass on valuable beliefs to our children. When a child hears from their parents that everything they need for their life is already within them, they build up a mountain of self-confidence over the years.” In addition to valuable beliefs, there are many other waking hypnosis methods that can be used in everyday life, but also in emergency situations and as evening rituals.

The magic spit diverts the focus away from the physical pain

The child is screaming bloody murder: it has fallen off the swing, jammed its finger or fallen while romping around. The mother asks her child to close his eyes and start collecting lots of spit in his mouth. While the child is doing this, the mother tells him that his spit is magic spit and has a pain-relieving effect. She explains to him that the moment he swallows this magical spit, it immediately goes to where it hurts and ensures that the unpleasant feeling disappears.

The imaginary balloon carries away unwanted feelings

The child has difficulty keeping his impulses under control. When he loses control again, the father instructs the child to pretend he is holding a balloon in his fingers. He asks the child where in the body it is currently experiencing this unpleasant feeling and what color it would give the feeling if it could. Then the father asks the child to blow hard and loudly, imagining that he is blowing this color into the balloon with all his might. The father lets the child blow until he realizes that the child’s energy level has returned to normal. The child should then imagine letting the colored balloon rise into the sky – until it is no longer visible to the naked eye.

The hand heart gives love, courage and strength

The child finds it difficult to go to kindergarten alone or to spend the night with grandparents. Perhaps a hospital stay is also imminent. The parents paint a colored heart on the palm of their hand for themselves and their child. They then place heart on heart – palm on palm – one after the other, charging the child’s heart with a suitable emotion and explaining to the child that the heart, like a charged battery, gives them love, courage and strength as needed. Parents can also ask the child whether – while the hands are touching – they can also feel the flowing energy that charges the heart. Looking at the heart or remembering this moment will give the child the strength it needs.

Working with light on the crib before going to sleep and even more waking hypnosis tricks and gimmicks

Barbara Scholl has developed an online webinar for anyone who would like to learn even more waking hypnosis tricks and tips. The instructor also introduces participants to the exciting work with light at the crib – a method she has exclusively developed to strengthen the child’s subconscious just before sleep. This refreshing webinar is primarily aimed at parents, but grandparents, teachers and educators may also be surprised at how modern children’s wakefulness hypnosis can be easily integrated into everyday life. Barbara Scholl rounds off this unusual webinar with a guided self-hypnosis session, specifically for parents who want more relief and support in dealing with their children. The online webinar is available at the following link: www.meinekinderhypnose.info

Achieve improvements within a very short time without putting the child under mental or physical strain

If you would like to learn the art of children’s hypnosis yourself, Barbara Scholl’s OMNI HypnoKids® training course teaches you everything you need to know to help children overcome minor and major concerns. “The gratitude you receive from children as a hypnotherapist is very rewarding. What’s more, working with children is a lot of fun and progress is quickly noticeable and visible, because children often approach topics in a very playful way,” says the course instructor. The OMNI HypnoKids® training can be completed online or in face-to-face classes. For more information: www.hypnokids.net

Barbara Scholl OMNI Instructor

About Barbara Scholl
Having grown up in Switzerland, Brazil and the USA, Barbara Scholl worked as an English teacher at secondary school for 14 years. She is married and the mother of three teenagers. Influenced by her brother Hansruedi Wipf’s many years of experience in the field of hypnosis, she completed the OMNI hypnotherapist training in 2008. Her connection to children and young people soon prompted her to specialize in this field. Barbara works at the OMNI Hypnosis Center in Effretikon, leads the OMNI HypnoKids® training worldwide and gives lectures at congresses in Switzerland and abroad.

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