Not so long ago, a Canadian study came to the conclusion that the amount of fresh snow significantly correlates with the rate of heart attacks in men on the following day. According to the study, shoveling snow in the cold morning hours can be life-threatening for patients at risk.

The link between shoveling snow and heart attacks is worrying, especially as winter is just around the corner. What exactly is it all about?

As soon as the first snowflakes start to fall, the dutiful neighbor – perhaps having just got out of bed and thrown on their robe – gets to work: shovelling snow out of the way and making sure that sidewalks and steps remain slip-free. This can actually be fatal in the early hours of the morning when it is freezing cold. At this time of day, the body has not yet reached its operating temperature, is not yet fully efficient and the cardiovascular system has not yet got going.

Outside, the cold causes the coronary arteries to constrict. These can already be narrowed by arteriosclerotic plaques, especially in people with risk factors. If the vessels in the body are constricted, the heart has to pump against more resistance. This leads to an increase in blood pressure and a reduced supply of oxygen to the heart muscle. A heart attack is imminent.

Patients at risk in particular should therefore avoid physical exertion in the cold morning hours – and leave yesterday’s snow lying around a little longer.

Hypnotherapist Charly Bachmann

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Charly Bachmann is a HypnoCardio® expert and certified cardiac therapist SAKR. He has been working exclusively with heart patients for around 20 years, both in his company and at Winterthur Cantonal Hospital.

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