Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution – Roy Hunter

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Introducing Parts Therapy



Parts therapy will help provide the answer! Counsellors and hypnotherapists often use proven techniques to help their clients change undesired habits or achieve personal and professional goals. Yet, in spite of the best efforts of both clients and therapist, unresolved inner conflicts often inhibit clients from attaining those goals. Increasing numbers of therapists around the world are discovering the benefits of parts therapy and its variations to help clients get past personal barriers. Variations of parts therapy, such as ego state therapy or voice dialogue are already used by many psychotherapists and psychologists who also use hypnosis in their practices.

This book will provide therapists with the added knowledge of parts therapy.

“This book is the single finest work for performing Parts Therapy I have ever seen. Every therapist must have this book because it is a step by step guide to one of the more complicated and important elements of hypnotherapy. Replete with examples and contingency plans, Roy Hunter has covered every base. The book makes Parts Therapy understandable to the beginner and offers numerous new insights to the skilled practioner. I wish I would have written it!” Kevin Hogan, Psy.D., Author of The New Hypnotherapy Handbook and The Science of Influence”

Hard-back, 189 pages
Language: English 


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