The Dave Elman ‘SHORTIES’ – 2 CD Set

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A collection of rare hypnosis records with commentary, 1956-1959

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The “Shorties” were individual records covering specific topics rather than full lessons as in Dave Elman’s later hypnosis recordings.  Also these were studio-recorded rather than live class-room recordings.

This first CD concentrates on basic hypnotic procedures such asinduction, deepeners and emergence.  All six sides of 78 rpm recordings located to date were parts of the Medical Relaxation series, concentrating on these important basic hypnosis procedures.  Also present on this CD are two 10” LP recordings, the “House of Relaxation,” which was intended to be used by the physician for teaching Medical Relaxation to their patients.  The method used in “The House of Relaxation” places it in the “Induction” category.

This second CD concentrates on specific Medical Hypnosis procedures for problems commonly encountered by physicians in the 1950’s.  However, today many fall into the realm of hypnotherapists, such as weight management.  The “tips” which Dave Elman provides, such as the methods shown for children, are applicable whether one is a physician or a hypnotherapist.

Furthermore, these recordings have many examples of inductions and procedures done remotely, whether by phonograph record taken home by the patient, or suggestions being given over a phone. Skype has improved and added new dimensions  to remote hypnotherapy, making the audio-only processes here a good point of departure.


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