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Enthusiastic graduates of OMNI hypnosis training from Germany, Austria and Switzerland report. The graduates have either completed the OMNI Hypnotherapist intensive certification or the first two modules online and the third module, the OMNI Hypnotherapist certification in presence.

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Even before I took my state examination in 2005, I started to look into hypnosis, but everything I learned in various courses was fascinating in one way or another, but unsuitable for use in dental practice. Either the introduction took far too long or the trance state was too uncertain. In your course Hansruedi, I learned exactly that (and much more) what I have always been looking for: The way to quickly and safely relax any patient willing to be hypnotized. Anxious patients, children or even normal people who would like to learn something new will experience a completely new 'dentist feeling'. And it works - right from the first day after the course! I now use hypnosis several times a day and could no longer imagine working without it. Thank you very much.

Dr. med. dent. Patrick Meyenberger OMNI Hypnosis Training

In his training seminars, Hansruedi Wipf passes on the highly effective hypnosis methods of Jerry Kein/Dave Elman with great commitment and experience. I am delighted and use them more and more often. Highly recommended!

Dr. med. Barbara Strebel OMNI Hypnosis Training

Dear OMNI Team I look back on 2020 and I feel grateful. I registered for the OMNI training course in February 2020 at relatively short notice and didn't expect too much from it. I thought to myself, if I can just learn something, I've won... On the very first day of training, I realized that this was a big deal! Looking back, what I learned during this training is incredible! Because for me it is THE TOOL with which I can transport all my knowledge. In my coaching training, I learned that every person has their own solution. Hypnotherapy enables me to accompany my clients directly to this solution. I got going right from the start and the successful feedback encouraged me - this is exactly the right thing to do! The OMNI mails always came at the right time! Sometimes as a kick in the ass, sometimes as motivation and sometimes as a sign that I'm on the right track. I feel very well looked after! THANK YOU! Also in the FB group! What I can learn there, how openly knowledge is transported, how I can feel part of the OMNI family and to read what hypnotherapy can do! It's hard to imagine what it will be like after Corona when I meet these great professional colleagues live... Corona has brought me to online therapy. I was amazed at what is possible online! I would never have learned that without the lockdown... I have always said: I will never work with children. It's also very tedious in the dental practice... The effect of hypnotherapy convinced me so much that I thought to myself: how great it must be if I could already support children's souls. It was therefore a natural consequence that I completed the Hypnokids training. This was also very fulfilling with lots of knowledge and practical tools! Well, never say never... I am currently writing my clients a New Year's email, I may send around 60! Send mails, some came once others 3 times. Wow, I'm really proud! And: this is just the beginning 😉 THANKS to hypnotherapy I have found my VOCATION!!! This feeling is so satisfying!!! Because my goal has been for a long time: I want to help people to love themselves more, well, and that is actually the content of hypnotherapy 🙂 I'm looking forward to the onward journey and everything that's still to come! Thank you very much for EVERYTHING!!!

Doris Feltre OMNI Hypnosis Training

Now that I have been able to complete both types of training (online and live) almost completely, I would like to comment on this. As a rather analog person, I was a bit disappointed at first when I found out that the training would take place online. In hindsight, however, I can say that the online training was also brilliant. Even though the number of videos I watched was considerable, I never got bored. There are supposed to be people you can listen to forever. I also found the Zoom meetings very important. On the one hand so that you get to know your classmates and on the other hand they give you feedback on your own level of knowledge. The questions that everyone had were also answered. Well, an online course is of course no substitute for a live course. Being there live, practicing with the students, feeling the hypnosis is of course brilliant. I would say that an online part first and then an online part with short, intensive theory blocks is the most effective way of training in my opinion.

Stefan Dubach OMNI Hypnosis Training

Hello everyone I completed the online training to become a hypnotherapist in May 2020. The video material on the platform is very professional and clearly structured. Hansruedi gives an introduction or an epilogue to many videos. So many questions have already been answered. The respective Zoom meeting was great for the exchange and the questions were answered well and in detail. Especially with the recordings of G. Kein, which were in English with German subtitles, I was very grateful that I could press the stop button each time to take notes. But I was also grateful to be able to choose my own breaks during longer sessions. The 3-day LIVE training course was great and I didn't have the feeling that we were at a disadvantage, on the contrary, we were able to treat and provide therapy without having a lot of theory. For me, the online training was the right thing because I could choose my pace, watch the video again if I didn't understand something and when my head was full, take a relaxation break and let everything settle. I am 42 years old and a medical masseuse, which means that I have already completed many further training courses, but I have learned the most and most efficiently in this training.

Cornelia Meier-Brunner OMNI Hypnosis Training

Now some time has passed since the super hypnosis training and I just wanted to give some feedback. I use hypnosis almost every day in many different variations, from briefly "snapping into hypnosis" before a chiropractic treatment to relax the muscles on the one hand and to direct the mind to an event on the other, to sessions with children for all kinds of problems (learning disorders, fears, etc.), sessions with cancer patients to improve compliance with chemotherapy or to increase leukocytes (or even to regain confidence in the first place), stroke patients, birth preparation, etc.), sessions with cancer patients for better compliance with chemo or to increase leukocytes (or to regain confidence), stroke patients, birth preparation, pain patients, accelerating wound healing, patients who I teach self-hypnosis and who then have the opportunity to react quickly to things, right up to ultra-height for various reasons. etc. What can I say? SIMPLY GENIUS!!!!! Sometimes it's like magic. Not in 100% of cases, of course, but that's not the case anywhere. Thanks again for the excellent training!!! I will never forget this week.

Dr. med. Andrea Kahl OMNI Hypnosis Training

Training as a hypnotherapist for a seventeen-year-old is completely absurd? No! I am still a student, 17 years old and will soon be graduating from high school. I have never enjoyed going to class so much. The training was not just a 7-day course in which theoretical knowledge about hypnosis/hypnotherapy was taught, but more than that. An experience that changed my life. As the youngest trained OMNI hypnotherapist, I returned home after the last day of training with an incredible amount of new knowledge. What role does the conscious or subconscious mind play in our lives? How can problems arise, why can't we simply change things that we actually want to change? And above all, how can we solve problems? Questions that are answered for me today. I certainly didn't start actively practicing therapy after the training weekend, but I still benefited incredibly from it. When I went back to school after the training week, I returned to everyday life with a completely different outlook. Why do people make life difficult for themselves? Stress, nervousness, exam nerves - conditions that many people are familiar with. Do we also learn this at school? No - but we also don't learn how to reduce it or get rid of it completely. Today, I go into every test with a calm and confident feeling. Nobody can do the studying for me, but nervousness and exam anxiety are no longer concepts for me. Hypnosis works! Through self-hypnosis before studying or in times before exams, I have actually been able to perform better. For me, these 7 days at the OMNI Hypnosis Training Center in Zurich were an unforgettable week, a complete success and an investment for my life.

Julia Gaehrken (17 years old) OMNI Hypnosis Training

My dear Hansruedi, what is really close to my heart is that I wanted to thank you once again for your seminar at Ammersee. As I already told you, I sent Jerry Kein an e-mail on the way home to let him know how well and competently you represent his ideas, OMNI and hypnosis as such here. Although I had already worked quite a lot with trances before, I was able to learn and experience many new things with you. I am delighted that I decided to train with you and I think that all participants feel the same way. Best wishes and good luck with the new practice, Ron

Ron Last OMNI Hypnosis Training

I have had my first hypnotherapy sessions and each one is better than the last. Today I had a heavy session in terms of the topic and was challenged on how to approach it. It went really well and I am delighted with the success of the session. Hypnosis is exactly the part that I was missing to increase my success rate. A huge thank you to you. As you say, it's 7 days of training and then full on. You convey the material really well and clearly. The training is top class and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the knowledge you pass on. It was awesome. ...and today I also received feedback from a client that touched my heart like never before. The person already has other clients who want to come to me!

Andreas Hersperger OMNI Hypnosis Training

Dear Hansruedi I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for your first convincing words until the end of the best hypnosis course in the world! You changed my life and I will be deeply grateful to you for that for the rest of my life. I have no words to describe everything I have learned and experienced with you. I have already achieved my first successes with Dinah! Dinah can also tell you the details personally, but in any case the constant neck pain is gone and she hasn't had any migraines so far - she is simply doing fantastically well - she has mastered the practical course with Dr. Mosetter "Myoreflex" with great success.

Ruedi Helfenstein OMNI Hypnosis Training

After 7 exhausting, funny, very efficient days with you in your hypnosis training, I immediately implemented what I had learned. I have done a few hypnosis sessions in the past week and with each one I feel better and faster. This week I already have three 3-hour sessions, as my aim is to work very efficiently. I already had previous experience with hypnosis and trance. So far, I've stuck far too closely to scripts and prepared the hypnosis session. Through the brilliant training with you and the outline of a typical OMNI hypnotherapy process, which leads me safely through the stages of hypnosis and regression, including desensitization, armchair therapy, the grey room technique and much more, I feel safe, competent and always know well what the next step is. I am very grateful to you and glad to have registered for the OMNI hypnosis training. Thank you for your knowledge, your lively way of communicating it, for giving us all so much encouragement, for discussing things in such detail that I am very confident in their application. Thanks also go to Jerry Kein and Dave Elman.

Doris Marte (Psychotherapist) OMNI Hypnosis Training

I would love to write you a hymn of praise! After the experience of my first training, which lasted 9 months(!), where I was really insecure and full of doubts, nothing better could have happened to me than to take your course! You taught the course with enthusiasm and great experience. It was very exciting and interesting. I was able to get to know a wonderful craft. I can warmly recommend this course to anyone who wants to work in this field. I work according to G. Kein and Hansruedi Wipf and have great success! and ...the most important thing, it is a great pleasure and now I know it ..... this profession is my vocation! I would like to attend this course again 🙂

Judith Blanc OMNI Hypnosis Training

The course was a revelation for me!!!! Everything that was up in the air was given a solid hook. I received material that I can also use and that is simply great and easy to use. Everyone will use it in the way that suits them. You came across well, not as a "chatterbox" but as competent and empathetic. I would recommend the course to anyone who really wants to work with this type of hypnosis, which can bring about such profound changes. It has to be people who have what it takes and who also use this type of hypnosis seriously, I find it the "crown jewel among the types of hypnosis", hypnoanalysis/ age regression. I work successfully with the documents you have provided. It always makes a deep impression when I can see the changes in the clients with my own eyes.

Marianne Nef OMNI Hypnosis Training

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your fantastic hypnosis course. The 7 days really flew by in a trance! As I told you on the course, I had my goosebump moments. Never before have I experienced a hypnosis session so consistently designed for success and effect. Every moment before, during and immediately afterwards is used with a wide variety of instruments to reinforce and deepen the experience. For me, this is the most important realization! I have known Blitzhypnosis and Elman before. But never before have they been so energetic and effective. In no other course have I experienced so many reproducible deep trance phenomena! I am still thrilled and have already recommended you and OMNI several times."

Lorenz Bigler OMNI Hypnosis Training