We all know it: sleep is essential, sleep should be sufficient, sleep helps regeneration, you stay young, fit and vital – what sounds so simple here has long been a nightmare for many people. They suffer from sleep disorders, lie awake at night, wake up far too often or can’t even think about falling asleep – and they KNOW that sleep is everything listed above. But sleep is out of the question…

Have you had patients in your practice in the past who have talked about lack of sleep? Many people are also simply tired and exhausted because they sleep far too little and far too shallowly. Hypnosis can be an effective means of improving sleep disorders and can sustainably reduce or even eliminate the need for pharmaceutical products. You can also watch the video on this topic.

Sleep disorders: When nothing helps

Now, of course, you can start with behavioral therapy, you can give medication, you can recommend relaxation techniques such as meditation and mindfulness exercises, but we often experience it like this: if the phase of sleep disturbance has already lasted for a longer period of time, then the stimulus conduction is understandably very short. Establishing a meditation routine here is proving difficult. Lack of sleep is not a minor issue that can be solved with a little discipline and especially not on the surface, especially since it takes energy to adjust behavior.

People who suffer from constant sleep deprivation often don’t have this energy!

Hypnosis in sleep therapy

Hypnosis can help you get back to sleep quickly if you have trouble sleeping.

A deep hypnosis session is relaxing for body and mind, energizing AND it leads directly into the subconscious. The subconscious mind often reveals the cause of the insomnia and thus makes the problem solvable. One session is often enough.

For the finer points and the long-term effect, it makes sense to give patients the method of self-hypnosis after the session and, lo and behold, in a relatively short time this problem of insomnia can be a thing of the past.

We all know that there are still many problems that can be solved with good, deep sleep.

This also means that this one hypnosis session cantrigger adomino effectin a person’s healing history. It makes sense to include hypnosis in your portfolio, especially for practices that frequently have patients with troublesome disorders such as insomnia.

Sleep properly again with OMNI hypnosis

In our training, you can learn how to help your patients in your practice to get their sleep disorders under control. You can currently test the training free of charge.

Or, you can set out on your own and test our self-hypnosis audio “Healthy sleep with hypnosis”(you can find it free of charge in the OMNI Academy) to make your nights more restful again.

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