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Sports hypnosis at the highest level: Adrian Brüngger successfully uses OMNI HypnoSport® with top athletes

February 2024 – The press reports: Hintermann wins the downhill in Kvitfjell thanks to a sports hypnotist. We say Niels Hintermann wins the supreme downhill discipline in Norway. HypnoSport® has helped – he still drives himself

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SRF on 17.02.2024
Hintermann manages to break free on his favorite track
Niels Hintermann wins the downhill in Kvitfjell after a botched season so far. Meanwhile, the ball decision is postponed.

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Daily Gazette/Sunday newspaper on 18.02.2024
Hintermann wins thanks to a sports hypnotist
Niels Hintermann celebrates his third World Cup victory in Norway. Meanwhile, Marco Odermatt has to wait to win the discipline classification

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Third World Cup victory three weeks after the low point
Giger hypnotist has solved Hintermann’s button

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University of Zurich: Groundbreaking study on brain connectivity in two different states of hypnosis published

December 2023 – In the study “Investigating functional brain connectivity patterns associated with two hypnotic states” two different hypnotic states were visualized for the first time.

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“He has drawn the right conclusions from disappointments …”

August 2023 – Samuel Giger’s triumph: the 25-year-old from Thurgau wins his second federal event in Interlaken. Giger now subordinates everything to sport – that wasn’t always the case. He is now also relying on impulses from handball – including Adrian Brüngger and sports hypnosis.

Source: NZZ

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“Unspunnen” winner and OMNI brand ambassador Samuel Giger on SRF

September 2023 – The current superstar of the wrestling scene answers Fabienne Gyr’s questions: what changes he has made to his training this season and what Adrian Brüngger and sports hypnosis have to do with it. Source: SRF Sportpanorama To the TV report

“Hypnosis saved his career, now it’s his job”

March 2023 – Two years after stepping down, Adrian Brüngger, the champion coach of Pfadi Winterthur, is far away from top-class sport and yet very close. He gets decisive percentages out of athletes like Simon Ehammer. To the article

“University of Zurich snubs research partners”

January 2023 – What is behind the University of Zurich’s distancing from basic hypnosis research? (October 2022, via “20 Minuten”). The background and connections are now reported on in detail. Worth reading article from Weltwoche on hypnosis research. Source: Weltwoche No. 0223 / Philipp Gut To the article

“Get out of the subconscious”

December 2022 – What are the benefits of hypnosis in sport? Many athletes swear by hypnosis to get their emotions right on day X and during preparation. What exactly does hypnosis do and how is it used in sport? The magazine Fit for Life has published an article on this subject that is well worth reading.

Source: Fit for Life 08.2022 / Sharon Kesper

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“Hypnosis – myth and enlightenment”

November 2022 – There are still many myths and prejudices surrounding hypnosis. It has long been a source of fascination, but also of misunderstanding and great skepticism. In an article and two interviews, the specialist magazine “Krankenpflege” explains what hypnosis is really all about, how it can be used in everyday life and how it is scientifically researched.

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Correction of false statements

October 28, 2022 – In two articles (print and online) from October 21, 2022 and October 25, 2022, published in “20 Minuten”, various false statements and unsubstantiated accusations were made about hypnosis, the HypnoScience® project, the person of Hansruedi Wipf and the Swiss Professional Association for Hypnotherapy (SBVH). The SBVH contrasts these false statements with the facts.

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“How hypnosis is conquering the world of sport”

October 15, 2022 – Exciting article from CH-Media (“Schweiz am Wochenende”) by Kari Kälin on the subject of sport and hypnosis. In addition to Adrian Brüngger and Hansruedi Wipf, athletes and coaches have their say in this article.

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vrus-Forum 22: “Resistance”

September 19, 2022 – What resistance do we face and where does it make sense to offer resistance? This was examined from different perspectives and from different points of view. The event was attended by prominent figures such as former Federal Councillor Christoph Blocher, Councillor of States Beni Würth, Holcim CEO Beat Hess, Inside Paradeplatz founder Lukas Haessig, the farmer without arms, Wisi Zgraggen and Hansruedi Wipf. Hansruedi captivated the audience with his presentation on hypnosis and inspired everyone present with his knowledge and passion.

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June 4, 2022 – A forty-five minute documentary program on Swiss television about hypnosis, Hansruedi Wipf, Adrian Brüngger and OMNI Hypnosis International.

Hypnosis still has a bad reputation. They are associated with lazy magic, showmanship or shamanism. This is despite the fact that hypnosis is increasingly being used in psychotherapy, anxiety and phobia therapy or in operating theaters.

Scientists around the world are working to decipher the phenomenon of the trance state.