The pressure on all of us is constantly growing and conventional forms of therapy often reach their limits. This is where OMNI hypnotherapy offers a new approach. It shows us that profound and sustainable changes are possible – often faster and more effectively than you might think. An impressive example of this is the success story of Niels Hintermann, the Swiss ski racer whose career took a dramatic turn for the better – not least thanks to a session with OMNI Hypnosis CEO Adrian Brüngger.

Niels Hintermann’s victory: a triumph thanks to OMNI Hypnosis

After a series of disappointing competitions, Hintermann got back on the road to success thanks to the support of Adrian Brüngger, probably the best-known sports hypnotist in Switzerland. This combination of classic mental training and hypnotherapy released a “big button” in his brain, which helped him to make an impressive comeback. Hintermann’s story is a shining example of how OMNI hypnotherapy can effectively remove mental blocks that stand in our way.

Although it has to be said, of course, with all the attention this topic has received in the press and on radio and TV: Niels Hintermann wins the supreme downhill discipline in Norway. HypnoSport® has helped – he still drives himself

Scientific validation: The effectiveness of OMNI hypnotherapy

The effectiveness of OMNI hypnotherapy is confirmed by the latest research. A study conducted by independent scientists at the University of Zurich and approved by the Ethics Committee of the Canton of Zurich shows that hypnosis is not only visible and measurable in the brain, but can also bring about profound changes in functional networking. These results strengthen the foundation of OMNI methods and emphasize the importance of hypnotherapy as a valuable tool in modern medicine. You can read the entire study here.

The unique thing about OMNI hypnotherapy

As OMNI hypnotherapists, we use effective methods to reach the subconscious mind and initiate transformative healing processes. Our training focuses on “Regress to cause and fix it” (R2C®), which promises fast and sustainable results. These approaches enable us to get to the root of problems and bring about lasting change, which sets OMNI hypnotherapy apart from others.

Our promise: Life change through OMNI hypnotherapy

“We transform lives” – we live this promise every day. Our aim is to integrate hypnosis as an essential tool in your everyday life. OMNI therapists can do more – they are trained to bring about profound, lasting changes in your life.

Find hypnotherapy near you? We are happy to help!

If you want to experience the transformative power of OMNI hypnotherapy for yourself or learn how to help others with this method, now is the perfect time. Discover highly trained hypnotherapists on our OMNI Finder or start your training at the OMNI Hypnosis Academy. For a first insight, we offer you a free introduction.

It’s time to change your life and the lives of others for the better. Niels Hintermann’s success story and the scientific confirmation of our methods show that OMNI hypnotherapy has the potential to fundamentally change your life. We invite you to join us on this path of transformation. Because at OMNI Hypnosis we firmly believe that change is possible – and it starts with and within you.

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