Self-hypnosis can solve, positively influence or alleviate various everyday and not-so-everyday problems. In an interview, Hansruedi Wipf, OMNI Instructor, Owner & President of Hypnose.NET GmbH and OMNI Hypnosis International, explains how self-hypnosis and suggestions can be used and how they work.

What is self-hypnosis? And who is it suitable for?

Self-hypnosis is the most natural way to help yourself. In a state of inner mindfulness, it allows us direct access to the subconscious, where obstructive behavioral patterns, fears and blockages are anchored. Thanks to self-hypnosis, we can effectively tackle and sustainably change such stubborn issues that are not accessible to us on a conscious level. However, not everything can be corrected with self-hypnosis. Because sometimes we get in our own way. Then we need a trained hypnotherapist to accompany us competently on the path to change.

Self-hypnosis is suitable for everyone and can accompany us throughout our lives: from kindergarten to old age. If self-hypnosis were already taught in schools, we would have better grades and less test anxiety, we would suffer from fewer compulsions, we could live better relationships and have more understanding for each other. Overall, we would live in a better and healthier society.

What do I need to be able to do to put myself into hypnosis?

Anyone can learn self-hypnosis. It is important that he or she understands what hypnosis is. Doubts, fears and misunderstandings must all be cleared out of the way first. It is also important to understand what hypnosis is not and to realize that hypnosis cannot be the answer to all of life’s questions – sometimes you just need a pill or an injection.

How do suggestions work? And how do I know which suggestions will help me personally?

For suggestions to work at all, they must be short, simple, positive, healthy, motivating and realistic. It is important to be clear about what the problem is and what change you want to bring about – how you want to feel. If you want to be sure that you are using suggestions correctly, you can of course seek advice from an experienced hypnotherapist. A scientifically based personality analysis can also help you to recognize your potential.

How can I heal myself through self-hypnosis?

Suggestions work if you repeat them over and over again, consolidating them in your subconscious – until a change becomes apparent, until the new reality presents itself.

In the case of allergies, migraines and depression, it is advisable to work with a trained hypnotherapist to uncover the problem and consolidate the process of change with self-hypnosis to support the healing process.

Hansruedi Wipf OMNI Instructor

Hansruedi Wipf

Owner & President of Hypnose.NET GmbH and OMNI Hypnosis International

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