Anyone who knows me knows what an absolute fan I am of hypnosis and regression. When I held my first OMNI training in 2008, there was a participant called Lorenz Bigler who showed me a “waving technique” that fascinated me. It was “quick & dirty”. However, a few years passed during which my focus remained 100% on hypnosis and regression.

Then I had some time for personal growth again, contacted Lorenz Bigler and asked him if he could explain and even teach me this “waving” in front of the head… and if it would be OK if I taught it in the USA. No sooner said than done! I was now sitting in Lorenz’s house in Huttwil in the canton of Bern, receiving private lessons. In 6 fun and exciting hours, he taught me how to “Gewinke”. I made notes and in my mind I was already thinking about combining this technique with hypnosis. I already had a name for it: HypnoWaving®.

I must add here that the next day was my flight to Boston in the USA to attend the National Guild of Hypnotists convention – and I was registered there as a speaker to teach HypnoWaving® – this was either going to be a total fiasco or a complete success.

One sleepless night and the HypnoWaving® presentation in English was born – at 9 o’clock 90 (!) people were waiting when I presented the method. This was followed the next day by a 3-hour training session with 30 participants. The cool thing was: nobody noticed that everything was dewy fresh and all the live demos I did on stage were a resounding success. Today I still have participants from back then who tell me about their successes with the technique.

Why was that possible? Because HypnoWaving® is simple! Easy to learn and easy to use.

What is HypnoWaving®?

HypnoWaving® is, so to speak, the
EMDR for hypnotherapists
in which the therapist strokes his fingers back and forth horizontally about 20 cm in front of the client’s face at eye level and the client follows these movements with his eyes. It is a bilateral hemispheric stimulation. This can be done in hypnosis or without hypnosis.

This “waving” is a great technique for neutralizing anxiety, pain or other stress within a very short time. The results are astounding. It takes a lot for me to get really enthusiastic about a method – HypnoWaving® does just that.

Can you learn HypnoWaving® in Switzerland, Germany and the USA?

Yes! Today Lorenz Bigler and I teach HypnoWaving® together. We love being on stage together and teaching the full range of super tools to the training participants – each in their own style and pace.

HypnoWaving® in the USA is taught by Hansruedi alone – usually once or twice a year. 

Fears, compulsions, pain, beliefs and much more. can be successfully treated with HypnoWaving® immediately after the training. The participants learn all this in a single, all the more intensive day.

We have also discovered new areas of application. HypnoWaving® can be used as a convincer to make hypnosis easier for people, but also to find suppressed emotions more easily. The top handball players of Pfadi Winterthur are regularly prepared for important games as a team with HypnoSport® in combination with HypnoWaving® techniques.

HypnoWaving® is a shortcut to your goal and the technique is simply fun.

Hansruedi Wipf
President & Owner
Hypnose.NET GmbH / OMNI Hypnosis Training Center International
Vorstandmitglied SBVH.ORG / Member of the Board SBVH.ORG

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