OMNI Hypnosis international - The Management

Hypnose.NET GmbH – Excellence in hypnosis training

Founded in 2010 by Hansruedi Wipf, Hypnose.NET GmbH was born out of a vision that began in 2006 as a sole proprietorship. Our ambition to enrich the world of hypnosis led us to become the proud owners of OMNI Hypnosis International in 2015, along with several other renowned brands in hypnosis training and education.

The pillars of our expertise: Hansruedi Wipf & Adrian Brüngger

Hansruedi Wipf, whose professional career took him to leading positions in the German automotive industry for over 16 years, brings him unparalleled global management experience. His expertise in strategic and operational areas is one of the pillars of our success. Adrian, who spent seven years as Chief Financial Officer for two listed investment companies and continues to hold various directorships, complements the team with his in-depth finance and corporate governance knowledge. Hansruedi and Adrian embody top performance at the highest level, as well as the vision and commitment to professionalize and establish hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Our promise: professionalism and top performance

Hypnose.NET GmbH merges the worlds of business and therapeutic practice into a unique concept that aims to promote hypnosis as a professional discipline and effective form of therapy. By combining Hansruedi’s strategic foresight and Adrian’s financial expertise, we are setting new standards in the training of hypnotherapists. Our mission is to increase hypnotherapy’s quality and effectiveness and ensure its recognition in the medical and therapeutic environment. We are convinced that our work not only enriches the field of hypnosis but also makes a valuable contribution to healthcare.

Welcome to the future of hypnotherapy

With Hypnose.NET GmbH and OMNI Hypnosis International at your side, you will enter a world where excellence, professionalism, and passion pave the way to groundbreaking therapeutic success. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey and push the boundaries of what is possible.

OMNI Hypnosis international - The team

Our team: a passion that connects

Behind every successful company is an exceptional team, and Hypnose.NET GmbH is no different. Our strength lies in the diversity and expertise of our team – a group of dedicated professionals who are wholeheartedly committed to hypnosis. Each team member contributes their unique skills and experience, driven by the common goal of establishing hypnosis as a recognized and effective form of therapy. Our team’s friendly and open nature creates a unique atmosphere of cooperation and trust. It is essential to us that everyone, from teachers to students, feels part of the OMNI family.

Expertise with heart

Our team members are not only experts in their respective fields but also characterized by a deep passion for hypnotherapy. This passion drives us to continually learn, grow, and refine our methods to maximize the benefits for the people we help. This combination of expertise, dedication, and humanity characterizes our team.

Cornelia Postleb

Team management &
Project management web, graphics & email campaigns

Dr. med. dent. Patrick Meyenberger

Chief Medical Advisor
HypnoDent® trainer

Esther von Burg


Mirela Muminovic

Platform Management & Support

Branko Kovacevic

Customer Service International

OMNI brand ambassador

Top athletes rely on sports hypnosis from OMNI

OMNI Hypnosis International is the leading institute in sports hypnosis, training, and hypnotherapy.

We are proud to maintain selected partnerships with outstanding personalities who share our values. Our brand ambassadors are characterized by their passion for success, fairness, honesty, down-to-earth attitude, tenacity, reliability, dynamism, openness, and likability—values we also uphold.

Picture: EPA-EFE/Tolga Bozoglu

Simon Ehammer

The decathlon is regarded as the supreme discipline of athletics and requires exceptional versatility that is not required in any other sport. To achieve maximum performance in this competition, athletes have to push themselves to their physical and mental limits. Simon knows exactly what it takes to give his best on the day of the competition and has relied on OMNI and Adrian’s knowledge and techniques since 2021.
Simon’s meteoric rise and his impressive successes, including runner-up in the European 10-event, runner-up in the world indoor heptathlon, bronze medal in the long jump at the World Championships, Swiss record holder in the 10-event and long jump, make us proud and motivate us to work even harder.

Picture: Lorenz Reifler | Schwingen – Schwägalp-Schwinget 2022

Samuel Giger

Hardly any other sport embodies Swiss values as clearly as wrestling. Although hardly known abroad, this sport has always been one of the most popular sports in Switzerland.
The Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival, which takes place every three years, is the largest sporting event in the country. The winner is crowned (wrestling) king and enjoys the highest recognition.
Samuel pursues this goal with outstanding commitment and passion. OMNI supports him on his way to the title of king and helps him gain the necessary mental strength and stability in man-to-man combat.

Kalle Koblet

In snowboard cross, assertiveness, tactical cunning, and refined technique are invaluable – just like in hypnotherapy.
Kalle won his first World Cup race in 2023, making history. His big goal now is to win a medal for Switzerland at the 2026 Winter Olympics in Milan. We look forward to supporting and coaching Kalle on his journey!

Partnerships OMNI Hypnosis International

We attach great importance to long-term strategic partnerships


In the dynamic world of work, a remarkable partnership has formed between temptraining and OMNI Hypnosis, opening up new avenues in the professional development of temporary workers in Switzerland. temptraining, an innovative platform that aims to promote temporary workers’ professional growth and flexibility by providing financial support for training courses, now offers access to specially tailored hypnosis training in collaboration with OMNI Hypnosis.
Temporary employees who wish to expand their professional skills can benefit from a financial contribution of up to CHF 5,000 for course fees and up to an additional CHF 2,250 for compensation for loss of earnings. This support enables employees to continue their education without financial burden and improve their chances in the labor market.
The courses offered by OMNI on temptraining are explicitly aimed at those who wish to deepen their knowledge in hypnosis. With classes such as OMNI Hypnosis Training (intensive), HypnoNurse® for Medicine and Nursing, and HypnoWMP®, OMNI offers customized solutions for those who want to work with hypnosis techniques in their professional field. These courses are designed to expand professional skills and create added value for professional practice.
Interested temporary workers can enter “OMNI” in the search mask under training institute on the temptraining platform and select the desired training. This cooperation between temptraining and OMNI Hypnosis symbolizes an important step forward in helping temporary workers enhance their skills and competencies to remain competitive in the Swiss job market.

Living Sense

OMNI Hypnosis International and Living Sense have decided to cooperate to expand and deepen their range of training and further education courses for adults. Both institutes have long been established on the market and enjoy an excellent reputation for their high-quality training programs. Living Sense specializes in coaching, mentoring, psychology, and personal development, while OMNI Hypnosis has years of experience in hypnosis, hypnotherapy, and mental health.

Thanks to the close cooperation between the two institutes, it is now possible to combine core competencies, thereby better meeting customers’ needs and offering a wide range of training and further education courses.


OMNI Hypnosis International entered an exciting new collaboration with the renowned company Bodyfeet AG in March 2023. Bodyfeet, as a health and wellness training facility, is proud to be part of the expansion of OMNI’s hypnosis training program and to promote the professional training of hypnotherapists. Together, OMNI and Bodyfeet will ensure that graduates receive the best possible support on the courses and meet the highest standards in hypnotherapy.

Pfadi Winterthur Handball

OMNI Hypnosis International and Hypnose.NET have been proud partners of Pfadi Winterthur Handball since 2010. We support the first team in achieving top mental performance, returning to play after injuries, and improving the personal development of players in many other areas. Since 2010, the team has won the championship once, the Swiss Cup three times, and the Super Cup once. Pfadi Winterthur also became the first Swiss team ever to qualify for the group stage of the European Cup.

OMNI Hypnosis Center Effretikon, Switzerland

Hansruedi Wipf founded the Hypnosis Center in Effretikon in 2010. When he could no longer cope with the many requests on his own, he enlisted the support of hand-picked OMNI hypnotherapists trained by him. Hansruedi has now completely retired from the Hypnosis Center to devote himself to training hypnotherapists and various projects, such as the HypnoScience® project. The competent team of hypnotherapists are specialists in every field and have mastered the most modern and efficient hypnotherapy methods. Thanks to a goal- and result-oriented approach, they often succeed in helping seemingly complicated cases to a successful breakthrough within a very short time.

Giger Publishing House

Giger Verlag has been on the market for 15 years and has made a name internationally with many No. 1 bestsellers, including biographies of celebrities and non-fiction books. The publishing house is a leader in the Swiss market, particularly with its “Conscious Living” themes. In the field of hypnosis, Hansruedi Wipf’s bestselling books “Hypnosis”, “Self-hypnosis” and “Finally Slim Through Self-hypnosis” with co-author Sandra Blabl, as well as “Hypnotherapy for Children and Adolescents” with co-author Barbara Scholl have been published.