Learn hypnosis in three modules or eight days at a time


Learn hypnosis in eight days live at a location near you in the USA, or start your hypnosis training online. With the OMNI Hypnosis training model, you can learn live, entirely online, or combined.

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The OMNI hypnosis training is a comprehensive program that offers a profound, practice-oriented introduction to the world of hypnotherapy. This structured training program is designed to give you the knowledge and practical skills you need to succeed as a professionally certified OMNI Hypnotherapist.

Online MODULE 1

OMNI Hypnotist

The first module, the OMNI Hypnotist, is conducted entirely online. It provides a solid foundation in the theory and practice of hypnosis. You will learn the basics and initial techniques essential to begin your journey into the world of hypnotherapy. This online phase allows flexibility and self-determination in the learning process, which is particularly advantageous if you want to complete the course flexibly.

Online MODULE 2

OMNI Hypnocoach

The online learning experience continues and deepens in the second module, the OMNI Hypnocoach. You will build on the knowledge from the first module and expand your skills to master more specific and advanced hypnosis techniques. This module aims to strengthen your knowledge and skills in hypnotherapy so that you can effectively support clients in various life situations.

Online MODULE 3

OMNI Hypnotherapist

Learn hypnosis and experience the power of your subconscious with OMNI Hypnosis Training. The teaching style is fresh, competent & entertaining – delivering high-quality audiovisual content adorned with homework & knowledge checks to ensure you have absorbed the information. Beyond this, our online forum provides an invaluable platform for connecting participants from all over. Instructors can provide answers to questions as they arise, giving everyone access to learning resources and tracking progress every step of the way!


OMNI Hypnotherapist

The OMNI Hypnotherapist live module comprises four intensive days of practical training. In this training phase, you can put the knowledge you have learned into practice under the direct guidance of experienced instructors. This module is crucial for developing practical skills in hypnotherapy and prepares you to succeed as a certified OMNI hypnotherapist.

Live training: OMNI Hypnotherapist Certification intensive

Learn hypnosis in the USA

OMNI Intensive Training

In addition to the modular training, OMNI Hypnosis also offers intensive live training. This option covers the same curriculum as the three modules but is delivered as a compact, eight-day in-person seminar. This intensive form is ideal for you if you prefer an immersive learning experience and want to complete the entire course in one continuous period. Graduates of both training paths receive certification as OMNI Hypnotherapists, qualifying them for the professional practice of hypnotherapy. This certification is proof of the successful completion of comprehensive and practice-oriented training based on internationally recognized standards and ISO 9001-certified.