Birth and pregnancy affect everyone and are of great importance. Giving birth is the most natural thing in the world and we have all experienced our own birth but can no longer remember it on a conscious level. However, everything is stored in the subconscious back to conception. The first patterns and imprints are already formed at this stage.

We spend the first 40 weeks of life in our mother’s house. It is not for nothing that this organ is called the womb-mother. The mother’s body is your child’s home for nine months. The mother is the very first caregiver. Being pregnant means entering into a relationship.

In relation to a whole life, nine months is not much and yet these nine months, including birth, are a very important time. They represent the start of life. The foundation stone is laid, the roots are planted, basic trust is formed and every aspect of the environment helps to shape it. Mother and child are in a symbiotic relationship and the baby perceives all the mother’s feelings. The baby cannot yet distinguish between its own body and that of its mother. For the baby, everything is one unit.

Birth shapes

Birth also has a formative effect and is unique. That is why it is important how we are born. We cannot be born a second time – except under hypnosis.

Why do we no longer trust our bodies and our abilities? Many women believe that it is easier to have their stomach cut open. They trust the ultrasound device much more than themselves, their intuition and the body they have been living in for decades. In the meantime, we love to hand over responsibility to someone else. We put our health in the hands of others instead of taking responsibility for it ourselves.

The female body is designed to give birth.

The power of the uterus, this fantastic muscle, is often under-recognized. So it’s a real pleasure when the waves come. The woman knows what a brilliant organ she has inside her. The cervix keeps the uterus closed for nine months. Shortly before birth, it can withstand up to seven kilos of pressure, only to let go from one moment to the next, opening up and clearing the way for the baby. The uterus manages to push the baby out. The uterus manages to push the baby out on its own. A tremendous achievement.

The uterus weighs 50 grams before pregnancy and is as small as a pear. At the end of the pregnancy, she weighs around 1000 grams and is the size of a watermelon. Dear women, no man manages to multiply his muscle mass like we women do when we are pregnant. So, dear women, be proud of the miracle organ of the uterus and its performance.

Conscious preparation influences the birth experience

Giving birth is exhausting, pushes us to our limits and is one of the biggest challenges and changes in our lives. But does childbirth have to be painful for this reason?

The baby that was conceived in love, that was allowed to grow in the womb in love and care, may also be born in love and trust.

We prepare ourselves for a long time for many things in our lives and deal with the topic. And at birth? Little attention is paid to such an important topic, the start of life, where the foundation is built. Unfortunately, people do not yet fully realize how important this issue is. A lot of educational work is needed. All people who work therapeutically know how many causes of later problems and illnesses can be traced back to pregnancy and birth. This should be a wake-up call for all of us.

How we are born is of great importance

The baby deserves the best start in life. What a great and wonderful start to life, to be born with joy and trust in love. Instead of fear, uncertainty, panic and great pain. The more consciously you deal with birth in its entirety and the clearer you are about what giving birth really means, the less painful the birth experience will be.

The body is the expression of our subconscious

Our body reflects our subconscious and our soul. The body is the language, the form of expression of our subconscious. When we feel physical pain, it is often mental pain. This also applies to the birth process.

Pain is always a warning and guidance signal. The body wants to warn us of danger. However, the birth is not a danger. Giving birth is a miracle, new life wants to have new experiences on earth. Is that a danger?

What does the word birth mean to you?

Giving birth means: saying goodbye, a new beginning, change, letting go of the baby, taking on a new role, the mother/father role. Does it hurt me or am I afraid?

– To say goodbye?

– Before a new beginning?

– Letting go of my baby?

– Taking on a new role?

“It is our expectation that determines how we perceive pain. When we expect pain, we tense our muscles, which releases stress hormones and increases the feeling of pain.”
Gynecologist Dr. Christiane Northrup.

The optimal birth preparation

Any pregnant woman can take part in our holistic course, regardless of her week of pregnancy. It is advisable to start mental training at an early stage of pregnancy (from around 20 weeks’ gestation), as the inner peace, increased body awareness, anticipation and confidence gained as a result have an extremely positive effect on the course of the entire pregnancy and the baby.

Hypnosis, pregnancy and birth

During birth preparation, hypnosis helps to reduce fears, strengthen trust in the body, build a trusting relationship with the baby in order to strengthen the little being and create good roots for its entire life. Self-hypnosis supports the physical process during birth and endorphins are released, which are 200 times stronger than morphine. In addition, the woman giving birth remains fitter throughout the entire birth process, as she can relax again and again.

Nicole Regli-Freivogel
Fertility, pregnancy and birth, mental coaching

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