The maxims in top-class sport are relentless. If second place is “only” the first loser, then nothing can be left to chance in top-class sport. There is a lot at stake for athletes. Whether you want to win a championship or tournament or improve your training, it’s extremely hard physical work. You constantly hone your technique and tactics, consult video analyses, organize test matches – only to ultimately discover that you were “mentally exhausted” or “mentally unprepared”.

But what can you do to be mentally on top of your game during the particularly tough phases of training and before the actual sporting event? Hypnosis offers great possibilities here!

OMNI and competitive sport

The fact that Adrian Bruengger, former coach of the Pfadi Winterthur Handball 1st team in the top Swiss National League A, is now part of the management team at OMNI has naturally expanded our training portfolio to include the sports sector.

He has already successfully used our HypnoSport training program in his coaching career and many are now following in his footsteps. Many of the OMNI hypnotherapists we have trained use the method in their practices and improve the lives of athletes immensely as a result. Self-hypnosis is also extremely effective for athletes and intervenes in so many areas that are indispensable in professional sport.

Coaches or athletes – both benefit from training in hypnosis

In our last article, we explained how self-hypnosis can be used in stressful everyday working life. We train team leaders and employees to use this tool to create islands of relaxation and thus increase performance at work. This can be applied similarly to sport.

Eliminating disruptive factors or recognizing limiting beliefs helps many people to surpass themselves. This mental process is often triggered by hypnosis or self-hypnosis and can be learned by coaches or the athletes themselves. The OMNI Academy supports competitive athletes in releasing mental blocks and becoming the best version of themselves. This also means that the performance limits are shifting upwards.

Our offer is very interesting for coaches and team doctors. One thing is certain: if you work with female athletes, further training will be a real game changer. If you are an athlete and are looking for support, simply get in touch with our team so that we can recommend one of our specialists to you.

If you are curious about what we have to offer, try out the free material in our Online Academy . We look forward to hearing from you.

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