You are obviously interested in the subject of hypnosis – otherwise you would hardly have stumbled across this article. Many people still associate this practice with magicians who cast spells on their audience to make them cluck like chickens, but hypnosis is so much more and is also one of the oldest tools used in therapeutic settings worldwide. The question now arises:

Who actually uses hypnosis and for what?

What motivates the individual to learn hypnosis cannot be generalized. However, we have obtained information from conversations with our course participants about their reasons for deciding to undergo in-depth training at OMNI.

Some do the first module of the training, the OMNI hypnotist module, just for themselves, others expand their range of services in their medical practice, psychotherapist practice or incorporate hypnosis into everyday clinical practice .

Hansruedi Wipf, owner and president of OMNI Hypnosis, has published a video about this on YouTube. You can watch the video here.

Should YOU learn hypnosis?

It depends a little on where you come from and what your professional background is. However, there are many possible applications.

If you can answer “yes” to one or more of the following questions, you should definitely consider hypnosis training.

  • Would you like to use hypnosis in your profession?
  • Are you a team leader?
  • Do you have a medical practice?
  • Are you employed in the care sector?
  • Do you work at a clinic?
  • Are you dealing with chronic illnesses?
  • Do you often need a lot of time for everyday tasks?
  • Are you undergoing treatments that are not effective enough for some unknown reason?

I don’t know of anything that is as efficient and effective as hypnosis – even as a supplement to traditional therapy.

In summary, it can be said: If you want your work to be efficient, effective and always in the interests of your patients and clients, then yes, you should urgently learn hypnosis. Quite apart from the fact that the training really helps you personally, because hypnosis also helps in pain therapy as well as with exhaustion or permanent fatigue and can therefore be used independently by those affected.

More information about hypnotherapy and how the OMNI hypnosis training is structured can be found via the OMNI Hypnosis Academy test access. Simply register here free of charge and get started.

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